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Related article: Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2009 22 07th April 1000 From: Steve Head u003csteve. BigPond holder. com u003e Subject: Ben u0026 Dan beginning : n Tips for buying a classic car to a mechanic named As I write this, remember this is a story of ( almost) fiction, usual G C u0026 apply if you want to use any or all of these stories by the author , please do not hesitate to send an e -mail or even if you tell me if n to do a good job or not. tips for buying a classic car to a mechanic named What began as a cruise through the weekend ads and landed n , a fantasy. How? Read on. After 5 years in a relationship, I was ready, the world as a Pedo Topsites single person in search of a new face partner, someone to share my life, to grow old together, that s the kind of things. Meanwhile, in order to calm the urge, I decided to take the car business, there is nothing too small, I have the sports car, not what I was looking for was something big and extravagant. I wanted a Mercedes, a great Pedo Topsites old classic Mercedes, which is whatI wanted to do was thin on the ground, not only popular. Check the sales of local newspapers and the Internet, I think in a nearby town, is exactly what I want, right age, the right choices, best of all, cheaper than the No that I budgeted. A phone call later, I'm standing in a garage look This old Merc. The man was a retired mechanic, who sold half, not really my way, older, fat, bald, and certainly not on my radar interest. A phone call directs his interest and left me alone to ensure the car. In view of the engine room, deep in thought, a voice startled me to ask if they all look up to Ø K. I see this guy, no more than about 30, cut his dark eyes, brown hair, goatee. Typical, just a hot guy, n , I can see that this is going to land. I go home frustrated and this guy has no idea, I leave it as is presented as Dan, and offers his hand, a country of hospitality s access to the best \\ \\, Dan said, the car winds, so you Pedo Topsites can check out evenRust or accident damage and gave me a light lead me investigating nooks and crannies in the car, as Dan leans back on me, and starts to show all the parts they replace, steering arm, bar mating, hot breath on my neck, I wish he would stop.... He was leaning on me. decrease in the garage strangers, look at a car you really want to buy, with a warm, well built inside me from behind the mechanics are really to start will be interesting considering my cock begins be. Touch Keeping an eye on the car, all in your head, it's all about the car, I can smell cigarettes, snuff it, it smells very very good, and chest, \\ \\ E n feel on my shoulders, chest, very good it is. Not knowing where I'll turn around and lifting the feet on Pedo Topsites the hook and run to the light of lead, Dan calls me I stumble and I fall to the n in the chest forward, leaving that the light guide so that there is no cutting as to ground at the entrances. Pulling myself together I can see not only covered me IHands around her neck, but has kept from my waist to steady me. shit is complicated, and then use the pain, in the case of fall of this kind, I sprained my ankle. Now I need your help out in the uprising, as it comes out in the wind, said Dan refuses to bend to help me, my outstretched hand brushes his cock through his overalls, heard him gasp I look and I see him staring at me, his mouth slightly open, the realization of my hand still in his body pressed to my side affects , when I go out to leeward. At this point, I am a shadow bright red, embarrassed as hell and just want to get the shit out of there by car or car is not getting worse. How I can contact to comply with I can only say the words "apology " Waiting to be told I have to out, I was surprised to hear giggles and say the words Dan " is but nothing happens "to him perhaps, but Damn, that man had a very large concealed weapon. The only harm coming to himif there and was throwing it 16 ways from Sunday. Come back to work and talk about cars, to find to break the ice, I, that N has the same interests as me, is that it was his car and he is sell, so they go to college and finish his law degree. So, now hot Dan mechanic is not just a motor head, but a Brainy Smurf to boot, seems , my happiness back to the car, going through the body of the car when n again, Dan is behind me to point out that it is original paint, original chrome... That same smell of cigarettes and deodorants hit me, and that the body is slightly pressed against me, he is breathing down my neck ? I feel the hands of his s slide around my waist while pressing against me, only this Sometimes I feel that it is always difficult, I'm starting to feel weak, a mixture can be frightened by, always hot and Release of caution to the wind I am a in it and feel it gradually begins to rub her body against me, his irregular breathing starts. that onceis seen with his eyes closed, breathing deeply, Pedo Topsites so that is not well on the car, this man has a need, and not looking for a gift to a horse I of the mouth, ie this meeting a need for Pedo Topsites it. I'm starting to run my hands on your chest to unfasten the snaps put the monkey to start building the trimmed hairy chest in sight for me to lick and suck in your I heard my neck hands, moaning slide opening lick and suck his clothes my way to the dark chest to lick and nibble his nipples feel idiot body every time I use my tongue, it's Christmas time and is a gift of to wrap his, dragging the rest of the snaps down to your navel I rewarded with a toned stomach, not a 6 pack, but its n on the road and track of hair that goes all the way up past his navel. My hands are slowly peeling off their clothes, not wearing underwear, this is a good sign. Dan takes the signal and starts licking my ear, my neck a path to while your hands are pulling upmy shirt and bra and knead my chest sends me into orbit, mouth hanging over me as I plummeting n to the kiss, I felt his tongue pushing against my old spice to your \\ \\ n cigarette to his hands, the neck is all that action caused the tail to move to the second Times a day, and the feeling of things that Dan, rub my shirt over his head, Dan dipped and chewed on my nipples , the thumb in a game with him, his mouth, sucking and chewing the other, my hands start to wander his crotch feeling his cock move leaves under your clothes in hand, and is immediately rewarded with a cut cock hard pubic venous and stripped Bush. Dan starts always busy with the release of the button fly on my jeans, my s Hahn public to be carried manually underwear rewarded to go through the thin cotton of my shorts boxer slide his hands my jeans No more of my thighs, his hot breath tickling my skin to Pedo Topsites create enthusiasm as he lowers his mouth orONT my drooling cock craving to be the attention s. Right now I could download a thick creamy load these guys the neck and happy to be content, but then it would not be fun would be it. Detection of the brakes I'm about to expel him and looking into the eyes of my s, with an evil grin and a hoarse voice, he asks "Do you want to go further? " Many do not want to lose time nod silently with the words "fuck me" n roll out of my mouth. Dan travels back to my mouth and starts to kiss me, that smell familiar nose piercing, my, that heady intoxicating scent invade the tongue the mouth with the taste of my prior to semen and saliva, the prick now free to is grinding his clothes in my step, pushed his finger in my ass crack See my tight hole, pushing, probing and massaging the feeling of his \\ \\ n push joint beyond my ring finger and a second rubbed my body hands free has returned to get my dick in some slow, firm movements. Throwing my back, Pedo Topsites he leans and starts to sting and bite the neck SenDing volts through my body. His hand holding my cock in that move about cupping my ass, and that me a lift. Instinctively, I mean the legs attach to your waist while balancing both of us shuffled into the hall of customers to rest his cock in my ass cleft, reducing both of us on the couch I felt his cock push engulfs me in my ass. Leaning to kiss Dan and I began to stroke the neck of his s as he slowly fuck me, long slow movements of the head begins to feel of his penis in and out of my ass, lost her hands on my dick and my nipples all at once, while picking up the pace and start mixing a long, slow beats with short, sharp shock that gradually lead me to the shore the performance of his muscular chest I start allover cultivated his matches the rhythm pounding my ass for cock faster and faster to hear him moan sorry " yeah baby, take my cock in the ass, take it, you fucking blow my dick s in the ass " dirty talk makes me crazy. I want to break your assI want to meet a large mucus plug in my ass, I love the feeling of his cock in the ass, fuck me " I want to fuck Dan guna laude" so Dan crying almost immediately " fuck it, take my load! " the two together to unload a bucket load shot in my hole, my s Hahn erupting across the hand and chest. Slowly, carefully, cool I right to move. Dan with his head thrown back, eyes closed, breathe deeply, I can not resist leaning forward again and inhale its fragrance lick the man sweat, sweat running down my sperm mixed with about his neck. hear a slow relaxed breath of his mouth, slowly open your eyes, This beautiful brown eyes, and that returns evil grin. " So how is this, because is a thorough review," he says with a smile. All I can do is laugh at the talk. I think I need a shower, I say in a vague tone. Tracing him as standing legs like jelly and helps me to my feet, tail still in a semi -hard. I took his hand, takesa door I , in a separate kitchen and bathroom "sometimes if parents give me the shit that I come down and relax, work play my car, Xbox, or... " Her voice trailing edge. " To hell with everything, or innocent guys want to see old cars after work eh ? " I joked. informal tone is heard in his voice : "No man, not that I do normal to do this, but I saw how hot her ass and she looked, and You know your shit, " my shit ? I replied : " Yes, your head is a motor in Cars" his smile reappeared as he spoke " Ahh, it's all about cars eh, " I think I'm well on state shock or in love. Dan begins to suspect something is going on and looks into her eyes, "was something I said? " " Yes, , which was, and I do not think the back sound mind " view no dark brown eyes, I think I know that was not so much desire, but rather the great n "L " - word. All previous relationships had always enjoyed a close range, The fact that I grew up around cars ifnce I was 5 years old, seems to have filled that Dan anywhere ( including gaps ) filled in the hole. " What keeps us from this a permanent thing, you and I" do testing the water at once, what's this guy up, do not make sense every time excited about something that has no chance of occurring, also my absolute point of view, " nuthin, well, as long as I endure come in a hard day's work... " the sound of water spraying against the from the wall in the shower interrupted think I could think of that E n. Out of the shower I grab the bottle of shower gel and chest soap scum Dan and belly up. View washing suds, turns, and then enter view to shoulder for a shoulder tattoo of a Chinese dragon life, I as its roots, as Dan turns around my amazement at the sight, "my TATT ? " I nod, without thinking, Dan, laughing at my expression, " I want to see turn around " They turn obeyed my orders and there it is again, brilliant blues, reds and oranges "It is good as long as , in the end of " I have my finger over the image to take " all but about 40 hours, I went in my urine a parents who came out and wanted a constant reminder: " Well, now I have I have my answer, Mr. hot Mr. Mechanic is not straight but hot mechainc. It turns out, he bends down under the shower and soaped his head to me s Hahn foamy gel, his hands working on my chest and shoulders the relaxation of muscles, licking my head falls forward on his chest Dan shows me attention. Pedo Topsites Those eyes, " What about Ben, Gout E n more about you, Pedo Topsites what 's your story? " He's back, with a focus on waiting for me in my response, "one of Thus for a month, we even speak, but I do not have this urge to run to him, apart from what you know and "" so there Pedo Topsites is no possibility of losing me if I wanted it back, " the whole question I walked for about 5 seconds, I turned around and saw a you " say again? " a look of concern on his face bathed in as Dan relies on y open the tap "something " "No, no, not at all in some way, you hit me unexpectedly, I was not expecting that question, I need food and a cigarette "Christ, I hope that amused me blow one of the few opportunities. Many do not want to distract too far from the question, but I time for reflection, I see Dan towel down and Swagger to the the kitchen that perfectly shaped ass, shoulders form a perfect V, which is messy tattoo, wet hair, yes I could handle, just the idea of ​​ to know what goes in my cock twitching again this towel. " So anything that is in the refrigerator for a little bacon, cheese and some bread," he shouted from the kitchen , and the click of a lighter familiar raspy could murder one of them right now, "as you feel to share" setting the towel around my Pedo Topsites waist, I will look into the kitchen to prepare your own Pedo Topsites Dan y storm looked over his shoulder, " as such, that, like as before? "" No, how from his cigarette, I dropped in theCars and can actually go now so you can " " Oh, here, "Dan gives me a pack of Marlboro, by taking one of the pack and lit it and felt the smoke fills my lung breaks, the beep of the microwave and the smell of bacon I my meditation. Breaking My line pipe dream day Dan "What do you know about the Merc ? "I had Pedo Topsites not thought about it, I was thinking more about Dan and E n, means a typical Virgo sometimes have its drawbacks. " You know, I Pedo Topsites thought about it, I do not think I love you " Spinning Around Dan is in front of me in the small table out loud in a panic ", but it's perfect, not s no rust, leather has no tears, the engine is strong," " Whoa, right, " my hands raised in surrender, " I can tell you why, if I buy it, , means that I used to see you, and to be honest I do not think that is a good idea " Dan is settling into his seat with the dishes of food on the the table, " I think a guy like me would be lucky to have a boy lIke life, I can not promise anything, but we had fun together, " I I think it was about after Dan got up from his seat, straddled my lap n, left his towel to suspend your trip cock kissed me and whispered my ears: "It's a deal. " To be continued
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